...and how it came to be

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Born in 1983, I've been a Bolton based musician since 2000. The passion for writing stories has always been there but this is my first offering.
Having spent the last Five years running songwriting workshops at local primary schools, I thought it'd be fun to write a fun story book inspired by the fantastic songs that I had written and recorded with the children. Over that period of time I worked with the children to find out - what music they reacted too, what words worked with actions they enjoyed making, the school subjects in which captured their imaginations and what they looked for in a book etc.
The story is about a character called Jay who wakes up to find they have superpowers for the day which is plenty of time to get into mischief and see the world. The book starts at a choppy yet relaxed pace which builds to a detailed yet exciting story. After completing the book I asked Andrew Warman to brink the story to life with this illustrations which he did wonderfully. 
I hope you enjoy reading the story, drifting in to the illustrations and singing the songs as much as I do!
- Marc Winstanley -